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3D illustration of a girl in sunshine
3D illustration of pig on trampolines
3D illustration of farm animals
3D illustration of a chef cat
3D illustration of McDonalds happy meal
3D illustration of hero academy

Oxford University Press, Hero Academy

Welcome to Hero Academy - where battling supervillains and mastering your reading skills go hand in hand! Illustrated by the superhero of cartoon art Bill Ledger, his stunning 3D characters will make you feel like a caped crusader masked up and ready to go. And that's not just me saying it!

3D illustration for a schools book
3D illustration of aliens in a spaceship
3D illustration of aliens in a forest
3D illustration of Those Scurvy Rascals
3D illustration of Thomas the tank engine
3D illustration of samaritans campaign
3D illustration of samaritans campaign
3D illustration of cartoon pig in sunglasses
3D illustration of cartoon pig in headphones
3D illustration of cartoon pig in green sweatshirt
3D illustration of catoon pig in roll neck sweater

Winston Churchill said of his farmyard friends, ‘Dogs look up to you, cats look down at you, but pigs treat you as equals.’

3d illustration of a hippie girl
2d illustration for crazy foam
3d illustration
3d illustration of xmas scene
3d illustration for Gopher it!
3d illustration for Kind bars